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horoscope for Aries

This is a month of two halves in many respects or at least a month when the dominant forces in play at the start will not be those in play at the end of the month. As is always the case at this time of year, whether you are a March or an April born Aries, this is your birthday month, with the Sun not leaving until 20th April. This year the Sun is travelling close to Mercury and Venus, putting heart and mind on the same page and with an equal say in what you want from this new solar year and the 'when, where and how'. Or at least that will be the case when Mercury finally returns to Aries on 4th April. It won't take Mercury long to catch up, giving you the confidence to go into the final weeks of your birthday month with all the resources you need. It is midmonth that the wrap up of your birthday month begins, starting with Venus' departure from Aries and return to your income sector on 15th April, followed by Mercury on 19th April and the Sun on 20th April. Before then, a New Moon on 12th April marks a point when the start of a new lunar cycle makes this a good time to commit to your new solar year, the future and the journey ahead. Meanwhile, while the Sun, Venus and Mercury start the month focused on getting your new solar year off the ground but end the month more focused on income matters, Mars too will experience a shift in focus. Mars begins the month in your communication sector, where since his return in early March he has declared war on communication and mental barriers. It is on 23rd April that Mars will leave and return to your home and family sector for the first time in two years. This is when Mars drive to make things happen and get things done will shift onto home, family and/or property matters.

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